How To Maintain Your Contact List As A Realtor

Contact Relations Management

As a Realtor, your real estate CRM is one of the most valuable tools you can use to foster customer contacts and build your business. Maintaining this list makes it far easier for you to get clients in the future and it allows you to be more efficient in targeting your marketing efforts.

Capture Emails From Your Website
If you do not have a contact box on every page of your website, it’s time to have one installed. When a potential client sees a home they like on your site, you want it to be easy for them to pass on their contact information to you. Even if they do not become a client right away, if you put them on your newsletter list, there is a chance that they may decide to go with you in the future. A CRM software like Ixact Contact can help automatically capture information from website visitors and put them in your client database.

Make Liberal Use of Business Cards
Realtors should always keep a stack of business cards with them in order to have one to give to potential home buyers and sellers. By making your email address stand out and telling people to send you an email, you will have a better chance of getting someone who is on the fence between two different real estate agents. In the same vein, other people’s business cards often have all of their contact information which can easily be put in to any real estate CRM software.

Participate in Community Events
Community events are a great place to build your network and update your contact list, thanks mostly in part to the fact that you will see the same people quite a bit wherever you go. Getting face time with people who may not be your clients yet, but who will be needing a real estate agent in the future is a great way to get your firm in the front of their mind when it comes time to buy or sell.

Make Phone Calls or Use Social Media
If you know of someone who is looking for a home or looking to sell theirs, or may do so in the near future, reach out and let them know that you can help them through the process. Local Facebook groups are a great way to find potential clients, especially if they are part of a buy/sell group and they have specifically mentioned they are looking for a home or are trying to sell theirs.

By putting this ideas into action, your contact list should remain fresh and there should be a steady stream of new information going into your CRM software.

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