How Real Estate Agents Can Add Value to Client Services

As a real estate agent, you may be aware that you are in a service-based industry. Your primary job is to help your clients locate and purchase a home or sell their home. However, your role as a real estate agent does not stop there. Your clients rely on you to help them make cost-effective and intelligent decisions throughout all stages of the real estate transaction. You may not realize it, but your understanding of basic roofing, plumbing and other home maintenance and repair issues can go a long way toward helping you to better serve your client.

How to Learn More About Property Condition
There are numerous ways to learn more about property condition as well as maintenance and repair issues. For example, through your own home ownership experiences and your professional experience in your position, you can pay attention to common roofing issues, learn how to resolve basic plumbing problems and more. Each time an issue arises in your own home or with your clients, use the Internet to learn as much as possible about it. In addition, speak with experts or professionals to gain a better understanding about options, costs and more. Your goal should be to expand your knowledge as much as possible so that you can speak intelligently to your clients.

Where to Offer Value
You must also know how to offer value to your clients through your enhanced knowledge about property condition. When you initially tour a home for an existing homeowner, you can point out glaring issues that may become an issue with a property inspection. When touring a home with a buying client, ease your client’s mind with your knowledge of quick-fix or affordable solutions. In addition, know when to advise your clients to seek a professional opinion about specific issues.

The Importance of Making Industry Connections
Your clients rely on you to be a helpful best CRM for real estate resource for them, and they may ask you for several contractor referrals. This may be for everything from roofing and electricians to landscaping, painting and more. You can build your list of contacts over the next few months by noting which contractors provide quality work with fast results for your existing clients.

As you can see, learning as much as possible about property condition, repairs and maintenance can help you to provide your valued clients with stellar service in the years to come. This can potentially lead to more referrals as well as repeat clients. This is just one of several ways you can improve your level of service, and it is wise to constantly work on improving your efforts to better serve your clients.

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