Top 4 CRM Platforms for Real Estate

Customer relationship management is vital for the real estate market. The best CRM for real estate is the one that will help you manage and automate customer interactions. However, it can also help you analyze the data of the customer lifecycle, which can improve your customer retention and drive more sales.

There are several compelling reasons why you need a CRM. CRM platforms can help you make more money because it helps you keep in contact with potential leads.

It also helps you foster the relationship with clients. Tracking the relationships you already have, and specifically the context of those relationships can help you send the correct messaging at the right time.

CRMs also help you automate your marketing so you can prioritize your time on other important tasks rather than wondering who you need to email and what calls you need to make.

But what are the best CRM for real estate? Here are the top 4 CRM tools we discovered.

1. Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss was designed for real estate agents to collect leads and integrate them from over 200 different providers. One of the best features of the product is that it allows you to assign leads to agents based on different categories like price or zip code.

It also manages the lead so you can contact your agent directly to immediately connect them with the lead. Each lead has an immediate follow up through the system with a personalized text and email. It also tracks the information so you can have the data to see how your agents are performing and where the leads are coming from. The round robin system is also incredibly easy to use.

2. Contactually

Contactually has been around for several years, but it is still one of the best CRM for real estate. The best feature is the immediate boost in converting your leads into paying customers. The platform ensures that you are contacting your leads frequently because of the frequency rule. It builds your contact list daily to make sure each lead is contacted as often as you want them to be.

Contactually also helps you nurture the relationships that drive your business by helping you identify the key relationships. You can categorize the different relationships to help you segment your list while allowing you to build your relationship with your leads.

3. Insightly

Insightly helps you organize the tools you are already using like your email, calendar and social media profiles. Not only does it add your lead’s email directly to your contacts, but it also allows you to link your calendar events (like open houses) and your documents (like contract templates) to each client record.

The easy to use interface helps you be proactive about the transaction process. You can set up reminders and automat your emails to improve your client relationships. Another key feature is the ability to sync your client data with relevant information.

4. Ixact Contact

Ixact Contact is another CRM that has been around for a while. Established in 2007, this has been a favorite among real estate agencies because of its key features. It not only helps you stay in touch with your leads, active buyers, and listings but it also helps you manage your online presence.

The concierge setup helps you stay connected though Google Sync and with mobile CRM to keep all your information available, even when you are on the road. The contact profiles combined with social intelligence , search functionality, and contact categorization make it easy to keep track of important contact information.


There are so many incredible CRM tools available for real estate agencies and agents. But the best CRM for real estate is the tool that you will actually use. The platforms mentioned can help you organize your leads and help you develop your relationship with them, keeping you organized with the information at all times.

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